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Aussie contingent at WEEC

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SUSTAINed is an Australia-wide network of sustainability education practitioners in tertiary institutions. SUSTAINed aims to enhance the uptake and quality of EfS in tertiary courses by sharing perspectives and practices, including how best to shape EfS into diverse discipline contexts, how to broaden these contexts to allow interdisciplinary learning required by EfS;

And how to facilitate EfS development in a diversity of institutional contexts.

SUSTAINed organizes on-line forums and informal discussions around a range of EfS issues, disciplines and inter-disciplinary interests.

If you want to find out more about SUSTAINed, go to: . You can register to be on the SUSTAINed email list for events at this site, including the EfS and Health on-line discussion, or email Colin Hocking at .

Our next on-line event, at 3 pm on March 4th, is on the theme of how to introduce and develop health as a key focus for EfS in tertiary education. This discussion will be led by staff from Deakin University, in association with the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA).

  1. To introduce HEALTH as a key concern/contributor/solution/action area in Education for Sustainability (EfS) in Higher Education. You would be key here in your capacity as convenor of CAHA, your experience teaching into our Deakin units, your particular interest in education and your association with Climarte.
  2. To discuss what a “health hub” in EfS might look like and contribute to the EfS in Higher Ed scene, in particular the interdisciplinary element. Our links outside the higher ed walls to NGOs and Advocacy groups such as CAHA are invaluable model here for other hubs.

 Previous Event: 

Leveraging and Leading through our SUSTAINed Network
Third National Colloquium, 20th May, 2015

A national colloquium for tertiary sustainability educators was held on Wednesday 20th May from 2pm to 5.30 pm (EST).

Sixty people registered from around Australia via online Zoom technology. The colloquium covered a range of topics and productive discussions were held at key city-based sites. The programme included:

  • A keynote address by Kirsty Albion, Co-Director of the AustralianYouth Climate Coalition. CLICK HERE to watch Kirsty’s keynote.
  • ResourceSmart SchoolsCLICK HERE to see a discussion on the future of ResourceSmart Schools programme and the importance of government funding to support sustainability education in schools.
  • the activities of the network,
  • reports on the Hub interest groups,
  • up-date on the Learning and Teaching Sustainability website,
  • the Living Handbook for tertiary EfS practitioners. Click on the link to see the ideas put forward by colloquium participants.

Watch Colin Hocking welcoming participants  and outlining the purpose of the colloquium.


Building an Australia-wide Practitioner-Led Action Network for Sustainability Educators Across the Tertiary Sector

Welcome to the EfS Network Building OLT-funded website. This is YOUR network, so please use it and contribute to it! NETWORK NAME: Thanks to those people who voted for a network name. You will see from the title of this page that SUSTAINed was the most popular so that will be it! On this website you will find:

  • Outcomes from the first national tertiary EfS symposium.
  • The latest Updates, linking to website pages that show what has recently happened in the network
  • The activities of various Practice Hubs in EfS in Tertiary – both discipline-based and Interdisciplinary. If none of these suit you, and if you have a few people who want to start another Practice Hub, please let us know.
  • Useful general Resources and Links
  • Upcoming Forums and other Events, and the Outcomes of recent events
  • A start-up discussion on building together a Practitioners Handbook for EfS in Tertiary

The purpose of the national network we are building will be to:

  • significantly enhance the uptake and quality of EfS in tertiary courses by sharing perspectives and practices on how best to shape EfS into diverse discipline contexts
  • broaden these contexts to allow interdisciplinary learning required by EfS
  • facilitate EfS development in ways that accommodate a diversity of institutional contexts.

Over the next year, the project will organise a series of symposia, discussions and workshops, coordinated on-line across Australia. Progress and outcomes of the project will be reported on the Learning and Teaching Sustainability website, in the EfS Community of Practice section.

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