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Nick Towle_EfS Symposium Oct 15th, 2014_Communities and Campuses

In this video clip Nick Towle from UTas talks about the benefits of networking with local communities for advancing sustainability thinking and action. He discusses some of the projects at UWS and UTas sustainability initiatives designed to engage their communities with the university. Nick emphasises the importance of being clear about what is meant by sustainability and how engagement will benefit all participating parties. He points out the importance of democratic participatory engagement with project partners and the need to create metrics to measure outcomes of this engagement.

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Hub discussion on Communities and Campuses as sites of Sustainability Education   – 17th December 2014 – recorded on Zoom – introduced by Colin Hocking from La Trobe University, with participants from University of Western Sydney, University of Tasmania, Central Queensland University and Swinburne University of Technology.

In this video, hub participants discuss “What is the relationship between universities and communities? What might be the win-win relationships/partnerships for EfS? People from a number of Universities describe their relationships with communities around engagement for sustainability education. This includes the opportunities and challenges of doing research with communities, and the value of having frameworks such as an RCE = Regional Centre for Expertise in Sustainability Education. The importance of having shared values and shared language at the start of the partnership is emphasised. Several frameworks and resources are discussed.

For a more detailed summary can be seen by clicking on Campuses & Communities Hub Discussion Summary December 2014 .

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