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Suzanne Benn – Business Education – Tertiary EfS Symposium, Oct 15, 2014

In this video clip Suzanne Benn (UTS) explains some of the benefits of networks for sharing knowledge and practice of EfS in Business faculties around the world. Suzanne discusses the benefits of sharing experiential learning activities for EfS and the issues associated with implementing these forms of learning. She discusses perceptions of students and staff about the role of sustainability in business education and the benefits of using cross-disciplinary case studies. Suzanne emphasises the need to network with government and not-for-profit agencies as well as higher education practitioners.

CLICK HERE to view video clip.

Here are some notes from Suzanne Young on the benefits of networking to embed sustainability in Business Education:

Networks in the CR3+ Network and PRME have provided me with opportunities to share knowledge and build my own skills and understanding through joint research projects; understanding the issues and practices across sectors and industry, academia, government and not for profits;  improved teaching practice; understanding of what other universities are doing and how other academics are facing and dealing with sustainability in the educational contexts; joint seminars and conferences.

Two things that might be useful to network for next in this area.
1. To build research hubs and projects in our own Australian educational context
2. Network with Australian government, not for profits, industry, professional associations to improve cross sectoral understanding and build knowledge.



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