Health & Wellness

EfS in tertiary level Health courses is a relative new, emerging area for sustainability education.

We are excited that Teresa Capetola and Sue Noy from Deakin University have agreed to help set up the Health & Wellness in EfS Hub.

To kick this off, we are holding a forum in the first week of March around the theme:

WHAT: What are the best ways to integrate sustainability education into health related tertiary level courses ?

WHEN: next Thurs 3rd March at 4 – 5 pm (Eastern Standard Time – if you are other states you will need to calculate the appropriate time for you).

WHERE: via ZOOM link up.

WHO: The discussion will be started with information and ideas from:

Teresa Capetola and Sue Noy from Deakin University

Fiona Armstrong from the Climate and Health Alliance – who will also talk about what was discussed at climate and health sessions at the Paris COP.

HOW TO JOIN: Email Colin Hocking at c.hocking@latrobe to let me know that you want to be on the email list inviting you to the Zoom session – there is NO COST in participating in this session.

Some of the things we are likely to discuss include (why not join and add your own questions and ideas):

  1. What are the ways that sustainability courses should and can be incorporated into health-related courses in the tertiary sector?
  1. What is the current status of sustainability in the health sector and health courses and should this change? In what ways?
  1. What might a SUSTAINed “health hub” in EfS look like, and how might this contribute to development ofthe EfS in Higher Ed scene, including in interdisciplinary focused education?
  1. What types of links are useful with organisations outside of tertiary education, for example links to NGOs and Advocacy groups such as CAHA?