Visit and On-Line Discussion by Raisa Foster from Finland

On Tuesday April 19th, 2016 at 11 am AEST,  Raisa Foster from Finland, will be visiting and has agreed to talk with us about her art-eco projects. Raisa is Research director the Art-Eco project, as well as Ph.D. artist, researcher and educator, and involved in the book project:

The meeting with Raisa will be at the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus of La Trobe University, in meeting room HUED 102 in the Education Building, ground floor (see campus map at  – this link also has information about how to get to La Trobe Melbourne (Bundoora) campus by public transport, etc.).

Other people may join the conversation via Zoom by contacting Colin Hocking at

Raisa is going to talk about and lead discussion around The (Eco)Pedagogy of Recognition as follows:

I aim to discuss how the pedagogy of recognition (Foster 2012) can be seen as a form of EcoJustice education (Martusewicz, Edmundson & Lupinacci 2015).  EcoJustice education starts from a systematic cultural-ecological analysis: the critical investigation focuses especially to the structures of modern thinking and to the discourses that reproduce those deeply rooted assumptions of modernity. Education which aims for supporting eco-ethical consciousness needs, along with the discourse analytical approach, an (eco)phenomenological attitude as its starting point. Eco-phenomenology extends beyond the conceptual structures towards the sensual world, which is more than human. The pedagogy of recognition claims that new ethical understanding can occur when we shift our action from (conceptual) knowing to (perceptual) recognizing. The pedagogy of recognition respects all forms of lives as equally valuable.

Looking forward to meet you all and also hear about your projects.

– Raisa Foster

National Symposium on Linking & Leveraging for Sustainability Education

Wednesday 15th September, 2014 at 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Held at La Trobe University and six other sites across Australia, linked by Zoom.

For details of the Symposium go to the EfS Community page on the Learning & Teaching Sustainability website

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