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This page provides information on and links to key resources for tertiary sustainability educators. It is organised into sections according to the type of resource.

If you have something to share please do so. You can also find resources on the Education for Sustainability pages on the Teaching and Learning Sustainability website:


Special issue of the journal Environmental Education Research: Environmental Education in a Neoliberal Climate.

CLICK HERE to access papers on this significant topic.

EfS in Teacher Education_Stevenson_Report_ 2014

This is the fourth report in a series from an Australian Government funded project to develop a state-wide systems approach to embedding EfS in teacher education. The report offers invaluable insights into participant experiences, research processes and pitfalls encountered. It offers case studies, outcomes and recommendations for tertiary institutions and associated organisations, teacher educators and researchers.


This comprehensive, research project report is a must read for Australian teachers, teacher educators, pre-service teachers and curriculum developers. It is divided into four clearly articulated sections: (1) How EfS is defined and situated in the Australian curriculum; (2) Benefits of EfS to students in schools;  (3) Pre-service teacher training in EfS; (4) Professional development of Australian teachers.


_Stevenson: EfS System Change Guide _2014 (1)

This introductory guide for systemically embedding EfS in teacher education is based on the experiences of researchers at James Cook University, Griffith University and the Queensland University of Technology and was supported by the NSW Office of Learning and Teaching. It is based on the outcomes of the EfS in Teacher Education project undertaken over several years by Ferreira et. al., Stevenson, Davis and colleagues.

Living Sustainably Australia’s national-action-plan

This is the Australian Government’s second national action plan for Education for Sustainability published in 2009. This document acknowledges the role of the education sector in  addressing unsustainable practices and, on pages 21-23, sets out an agenda for integrating EfS in “all university courses/ subject areas ” and campus management. Section 2.2.3 specifically calls for sustainability networks to “improve coordination, share best practices and communicate the concepts of sustainability in universities”.


Learning and Teaching Standards for Environment and Sustainability

This is a new document that sets out standards for graduates of environmental and sustainability bcourses and subjects. This document provides a valuable guide for tertiary teachers of environment and sustainability related subjects.

CLICK HERE to access the website.

UNESCO Arts Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit

This new publication supports arts educators to develop curriculum from a sustainability perspective. It supports the UNESCO International Arts Education week – May 25-31.

WAAE_Int Arts Ed Week Info Pack_Reviewed pdf

Sustainability – Special Issue on Pedagogy in Higher Education

This issue is edited by Ian Thomas and presents papers on EfS pedagogy in higher education institutions.

CLICK HERE to access the Sustainability journal issue.

VET Roadmap to Sustainability – Education for sustainability rubrics and indicators for the VET sector.

This document was produced by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training to support the development of sustainability education in the VET sector. It is based on sustainability principles and a cultural model of interconnected elements of learning and managing change for sustainability outcomes.

VET Roadmap to Sustainability.


UWS Sustainability Symposium presentations (2014)

This link takes you to You Tube videos of presentations at the 2014 Sustainability Symposium: Precarious Times: New Imaginings for Sustainability, held at the University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury Campus) in June 2014. There are 12 presentations in all.



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