Using Zoom

Zoom is a lot like Skype, but has some useful additional features

To get started with use of Zoom there are two key things you need to do:

  1. Go to the website and download zoom (if you havent already done so). This is called the Cloud Meeting Company – click on Free Account. When you download Zoom it will ask you for an email address. This is because people are invited to join meetings in Zoom using email. We suggest you use your work email if you have one, rather than your private email, as this is the email address we are most likely to already have a record of .
  1. Let us know what your email address is for zoom – prior to the zoom session we will generate an email via zoom at this email address, and this will have a URL that you click on to enter the meeting – provided you have downloaded zoom this should open automatically.

If you want to test zoom before using it (most people find this is not necessary) then download zoom and then organise via email for us to invite you to a test meeting before the actual meeting – at least 24 hr (will only take a couple of minutes) – we are happy to try to find a mutual time, generate a meeting with you, and test it out. Note again that most people do not need seem to have the need to do this. It is also very useful for us to have your mobile/work number from where you are Zoom-ing in from, at the time of the meeting, so that we can contact you if there is a need.

So to recap:

  1.  Download Zoom at
  2. Let us know what email you want to be invited through.
  3. Let us know if you want to test it.
  4. Wait and check for an email inviting you to a zoom session, just before the session.
  5. Click on the URL in the email invite to join the meeting – Zoom with open automatically.

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